logoOur sponsoring organization, Donegal Presbyterian Church has offered to partner with us to sell Harvey’s BBQ tickets. Since we did not have another sub sale, we thought we would join the church in selling these. 

Each ticket is $9. Each Scout will earn $2 for his scout account for each ticket sold, and a portion of the proceeds will go toward pack activities.

Please see Jeanne Greening for tickets. Tickets will be due back to her NO LATER than 5/21/15 at the flag placement/picnic.  No orders after that time, because the information needs to be back to Harvey’s.

 Here are the details that will be on the tickets:

 Harvey’s Pork Bar-B-Q Dinner

 Saturday, June 6, 11-2 p.m.

at the Donegal Presbyterian Church

1891 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy


 TAKE OUT ONLY, $9/dinner

Dinner includes: pork bar-b-q sandwich, potato salad, baked beans & utensils


This is a great way to get your Harvey’s cravings satisfied while the restaurant is still closed.  🙂